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Wookiee Cookies

November 14, 2011 by Michelle O'Hagan

Mmm, Bossk Brownies

Darth Vader lays down the law standing atop delicious Bossk Brownies.

Every Wednesday, Ruairi comes home from school with a library book. Most of the time, said book is related to Star Wars. He was SUPER excited to show me his newest book last week saying he knew I’d love it. I, naively, thought it must be something new.

It is the Star Wars Cookbook, with recipies such as “Wookiee Cookies” and “Bossk Brownies.”

<sigh> At least they’re chocolate. :-)

Wookie Cookies

The photos are the best part of the Star Wars Cookbook. Here, Chewbacca stands amid Wookiee Cookies.

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  1. Michelle Michael says:

    I love that your son had no hesitation to embrace a cookbook, albeit a very male-focused one (and the fact that baking was the furthest of his points in doing so)! Perhaps this could cultivate the inner baker in him? Faris, arguably the most testosterone filled male in our family, even at such a young age, regularly checks out cookbooks, asking if we can make something delicious. And we always do :)

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