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I Hate Heart (but I Love Love)

May 9, 2012 by Michelle O'Hagan

A rant. Perhaps of interest to no one but me, but here we go:

Why do grown women, intelligent women, women who have jobs, insist on writing–and actually saying out loud–things like this:

I heart him!
I heart ice cream!
I heart shag carpet!

What the hell? Seriously. What the hell? The first time I saw this phrase, it was on a gingham-covered tchotchke hanging in someone’s kitchen in Arkansas that read: “I (insert image of heart here) My Country Home.”

Many years later, the phrase is embraced by grown women who use it all over social media. On Pinterest: “Things I Heart.” On Facebook: “I heart you, I really do.” And, regrettably, in person, spoken out loud in actual sentences: “I heart the empanada truck.”

It looks stupid. It sounds stupid. It makes grown women seem like they’re trying to be teenagers or little girls. It reminds me of  pretty girls in school who acted dumb so that (really dumb) boys would like them and not be intimidated by them.

And Heart is not even shorter than the word it’s replacing, which is Love.

If you really do “Heart” someone or something, why not man-up and say the word “Love?” What’s wrong with love? It is a perfectly simple, understandable and lovely word that implies grown-up commitment and thought, even if it’s just the empanada truck that you love.


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  1. Carol O'Hagan says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say this. I guess I’m lucky because you’re right it sounds dumb.

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